BEWARE: The TRUTH about MOST “Real Estate Investors”

If you’re searching the Internet with terms like “I need to sell my house FAST for CASH”, we know your situation well.  You are the kind of person we help every day at Now that you’re actively searching, you’ve probably noticed a LOT of people have websites and ads that say “I Buy Houses!” or “We Buy Houses for CASH, AS-IS!!”.   The questions you have to ask are:
(1) who are these people and
(2) can they really buy my house in 14 days for cash? Unfortunately, most of them cannot.

Here’s the dirty little secret about “real estate investors”. Many of them are people with no money and no credit who probably went to a “get rich quick” seminar where they were taught how to “buy houses without cash or credit”. So, how do they do this? They will make an offer for your house, get you to sign a contract, and then they will try to SELL that contract to someone else who ACTUALLY HAS MONEY. Hey, there’s nothing illegal or immoral or unethical about that – it’s just the way MOST people do this business. And, we have sold (technically, “assigned”) contracts to other people ourselves. Someone that “buys” your house like this can often find a cash buyer, and your deal will go through just fine. But often, they can’t find a buyer for your house and the deal will fall through, leaving you right back where you started,

Why deal with all the real estate newbies with no cash and no credit? Your house, despite it’s current condition, is probably your most valuable asset. ONLY TRUST PROFESSIONALS when you are selling your most valuable asset – like the PROs at!

We will make a REAL OFFER for your house and BRING REAL CASH to the closing table. We pay a fair price for single- and multi-family houses in any condition and we close FAST.

There is only ONE, exclusive investor in each area. Contact us at , call us at 1-877-WeBuyHouses, or contact ME at 817-779-7755.

Best wishes!

Dev Horn
Managing Director

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